Thursday, December 01, 2022

Could it Happen Again? Is the Pistol Brace Rule Dead?

 It was withdrawn once. Could it happen again? Is the pistol brace rule dead in the water? Many are anticipating the ATF's final rule on stabilizing braces in December of 2022, but inside sources may indicate otherwise. Armed Attorneys Emily Taylor and Richard Hayes wildly speculate on the pistol brace rule.

VIDEO HERE  (10:42 minutes)


  1. The rule will be back. That's a when..not an if.

  2. Their vids are usually good, this one they just kept rambling on.

  3. Does your government rule you or work for you. You decide. I have decided. The 2nd amendment dictates that the government that works for me cannot tread on my right to bear any arms whatsoever.

  4. Ya know I was really into AR 15 platform pistols and have used them with a cheap brace that looked like a flat plastic blade and then settled on the brace that wraps around the forearm with the velcro strap. Then I bought a bullpup. Specifically a Springfield Hellion. Bullpups have most of the advantages of a AR pistol, they are short and lite so easy to maneuver in close quarters. However Bullpups are MUCH more evenly balance on the grip with the action back in the stock and the mag behind the grip. AR pistols are so front heavy that you cannot hold them steady for long with 1 or 2 hands on the grip without a brace. Bullpups have a 16 inch barrel so you get more distance accuracy than a pistol yet meet the overall minimum length of 28 inches so not to be classified as a SBR. I think my last AR pistol was 24 inches overall. Sure braces like the Sig brace made AR pistols usable, Bullpups at 4 inches more, made my AR pistols obsolete. The only Bullpup disadvantage is you get more blowback from the action closer to your face. Sure I don't want to see the ATF restrict or outlaw a pistol brace, I'm just not gonna miss it if they do.

    1. And a crappy trigger that can't be fixed due to the design constraints, non standard specialized parts, a manual of arms that is radically different and a pain in the ass to reprogram, and reloads that are generally gonna be slower than average compared to a traditional form factor. But other than those small niggling details, sure, they are awesome.

    2. Not to mention the fact that us left handed shooters will get a face full of brass when we shoot them.

  5. "ATF's final rule" is the problem right there.
    WTF are unelected bureaucraps doing legislating law?


  6. The Hellion is Fully ambidextrous Wirecutter. You change from right to left side eject in less than 5 minutes with no tools required. If that is to complicated for you, then you can buy the Kel-Tec version with a downward ejection port and save yourself about $800. My son bought the Kel-Tec for a little over $1,000. I have the Hellion bought for $1,800. Yes unlike the standard AR15 platform you don't have a lot of different choices for parts like triggers and barrels but what do you expect for such a low volume platform. It does accept rails on the fore grip for lights and lasers and fits in a 30 inch vertical backpack. My 7.5 inch and my 10 inch pistols are also MUCH louder than the 16 inch Hellion.


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