Thursday, December 01, 2022

Agricultural Groups, Lawmakers Want to Pass Bill That Tries to Give Pathway to Citizenship for 1 Million Illegal Farmworkers in U.S.

Lawmakers and agricultural groups are racing to pass a bill that would alter the number and length of farmworker visas before the newly-elected GOP majority takes control of the House in January, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

The House bill would create 20,000 three-year H-2A visas permitting year-round work, and provide a path to citizenship for approximately one million farmworkers currently living in the U.S. illegally, according to the WSJ. Currently, H-2A visas only allow workers to remain in the country for up to 10 months, which has caused issues for some farms, such as dairy farms, that require workers year-round.


  1. Not only no, but fuck no!

  2. I saw this coming years ago. Large industrial farming taking over from the family farmers have bribed all the Washington slime for some time and now they want payback. Bend over America they're about to shove some more shit up our asses.

  3. Why the rush?

    The Republicans are still coming. January's not that big a farming month. The bolshevik rules will be canceled before March. Pinkie swear!

  4. Okay you want legal status for farm workers, that’s what the visa is for.
    Citizenship? GTFO!!!
    Go home, apply for citizenship and go through what everyone else does.
    No Amnesty!

  5. No worries, when we the people vote the GOP back in in 2024 surely they will deport all these crimmigrants..........

    1. " Crimmigrants." A new one. Good.

    2. Sorry. If we can't overturn AZ blatant election fraud in 2022, there is no hope for 2024. Love or hate Trump, he showed how corrupt the election system is from the state legislatures down to the county vote counters. And we have had political prisoners for 2 years without a bond hearing. GOP leaders are fucked up.

  6. Only politicians-with NO work experience- would consider this bill. Working people know better.

  7. ......groups are RACING to pass a bill.........
    That alone tells us what we need to know.

  8. Why bother?
    This corrupt administration's just letting them in anyway.


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