Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Maybe he doesn''t want to wait to the last minute for his Christmas shopping

HIALEAH, Fla. – A photo of a bold criminal hauling a boatload of purses out of the Burlington store in Hialeah has gone viral. 

If people thought that picture was bizarre, just wait until they see the video that was released by Hialeah police on Wednesday, News 6 partner WPLG reports.


  1. Heh, might be reselling that trash on Ebay for Christmas money; that or he's married.

    I usually do my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving and everyone gets the same or similar items. Box(s) arrive at the post office for me to pick up at my convenience; as well as not be a burden on personnel when the busy season starts. Home-made gifts are also nice, like planter boxes.

    - Arc

  2. Dumb redneck. Only our "darker" citizens are allowed to get away with that type of activity. This schmuck will end up behind bars.

  3. The shooting needs to commence.....

  4. Not one employee or customer tried to stop him and the crime wasn't reported until the next day? Sounds like this guy had some inside assistance.

    1. Not inside, but company policy of no confrontation, and since it was Black Friday, reports of the theft passed to higher levels and they were off for the weekend. I wouldn't as a customer intervene as my liability to the event increases, don't need the hassle of a lawsuit.

  5. How have they not caught this guy yet?


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