Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Your Feel Good Story of the Day

ASHEVILLE, N.C. - Two women in North Carolina were hailed heroes after rescuing a small dog that fell into a rain-swollen river and became swept up by its "turbulent" currents.


  1. We lived in Marshall, NC - just NW of Asheville and just off the French Broad River; that river is treacherous. While this story might be “feel good”, those two risked becoming Darwin Award winners by their actions. Jumping into the French Broad claims at least one victim every summer.

  2. Sad the dog got reunited to the owner that didn't keep track of his dog. Not saying nuthin about his picture, speaks for itself.
    Steve S6

  3. My folks lived in Brevard, NC, near the French Broad River...I would always chuckle, why would anyone name a river about a French Broad? Well, my Dad thought it was funny...


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