Monday, February 06, 2023

Sissy kids nowadays

Two boys in Massachusetts are being praised for their "wicked smahts" after discovering a potentially dangerous object while out on a walk. 

 Police in Wrentham, which is about 30 miles southwest of Boston, said the 12-year-olds happened upon a hand grenade in the woods.


If me and my friends had found something like that, we'd have spent the next couple hours trying to figure out how to blow it up.


  1. When I was that age I would have known that without a fuse it wouldn't blow up.

  2. damn thing was a paper weight. empty. a case of real grenades would be handy to have
    though. better yet would be a old M79 and a case of 2 of he rounds

    1. Shit, but I miss the M79! That was an awesome little stand alone weapon. Buckshot was my fave.

  3. There was a summer camp attendant in that state a few decades ago who walked his campers across a highway and trespassed into the Mass Military Reservation on Cape Cod. They ended up in the 40mm grenade range impact area and proceeded to pick up and throw around the dud HE grenades that were there. Nobody died, but they were breathless on the news. I think he was charged with being stupid.

  4. Hollowed out? It's a dummy grenade sold for $10 a pop at every surplus joint in the nation. So no, Mr. Dipshit Yankee Police Chief, not real at all.


  5. Remember railroad torpedoes? We found one and I got up on my garage and dropped big rocks onto it, nothing. Ended up opening it and adding it to all the other fireworks we had into a cannon made in metal shop class...KA-Boom!..Woosh!..
    No way metal shop, do they still have those shops today?...
    Probably pea shooters and water pistols outlawed today....Eerrrrgggg....


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