Friday, March 31, 2023

And here we have a classic case of Fucked Around and Found Out

HOUSTON - Police say a veteran in a wheelchair shot a suspect who tried to steal his bag near a bus stop in Downtown Houston on Monday night.


  1. Buy him more ammo and gift him range time. Good for him for defending himself and his possessions. Any slime ball who tries to steal from someone in a wheelchair much less a vet needs to be worm food.

    1. Is it possible to publish his name later so we can set up a Give-Send-Go?

  2. I KNOW that corner. There's a fucking hobo jungle under the freeway right there, and the Greyhound station ferrying the cons into town from Huntsville, as well as the Flecha Azul Mexican bus service just a block over, as well as the Houston Metro mega-station with buses parked overnight, on top of being a staging point for all the suburban commuter bus services. But we MUST have more mass transit!

  3. I wanna know more about the police go cart in the background!
    I worked downtown near the bus station as a 15 year old. Got lunch at a tiny diner near there. Lots of bums even back then.

  4. Samuel Colt said he would make all men equal.

  5. I set up my client's wheelchair backpack so a thief can't grab it and run. I advise the lap bag should carry something that would discourage a would-be thief.


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