Monday, March 20, 2023

Black man arrested over neo-Nazi and lynching graffiti at black Atlanta church

A 60-year-old black man was arrested in Atlanta last month after he allegedly vandalized a historic Baptist church with spray-painted imagery of swastikas as a hanging.


  1. If it was a white guy, they'd throw his ass in jail for a year or two. Fuzzy walks to next day.

  2. cant be. i was told constantly by the media, the government, academia and celebrities that only whites can be racist.

  3. Blacks are their own worst enemy....

  4. When actual white vs anybody hate crimes are so thin on the ground they have to be faked to keep the false narrative alive.
    Also, he was released almost immediately after trying to start a race conflict (this, boys, constitutes a "hate crime"). How far under the jail do you think the perp would still be if he'd been white?

  5. Same thing happens in Canada--but with Muslims. A young girl 13 or 14 said that a bunch of White guys harassed her and pulled off her head covering, her parents were all over the TV, the local imam was spouting some rhetoric about Islam being a religion of peace, even had our effete PM Trudeau all in a tizzy so that he got a selfie condemning the actions of those "evil, intolerant, racists" and "Canada is a welcoming nation, blah, blah, blah"--turns out she was lying (caught her on stores' security cams on both sides of the street as she walked the whole way to school without any mishaps. Funny while it was being investigated (took a few days)--it was all over the news how racist White Canadians were...when they found out the truth--it was mentioned once and then memory-holed never to be spoken of again.

  6. The perpetrators of hoax race crimes should be punished just as bad or even worse than a true race crime.


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