Friday, March 24, 2023

Georgia legislature bans child sex changes

Georgia has become the latest state to pass a bill banning doctors from prescribing cross-sex hormones or conducting surgeries related to a gender dysphoria diagnosis on minors. 

On March 17, 2023, SB 140 passed the state house with an amendment that allows for doctors to be sued civilly and criminally for violating the law. On Tuesday, the bill passed with the amendment in the State Senate and is heading to Governor Brian Kemp's desk, where he is expected to sign. Monday Trans Rights activists filled the capital as the Governor issued remarks in support of the bill.


  1. Surprised, or should I be surprised by the narrow vote.

  2. Recommend we start calling this spade a "spade". It's what we used to call "genital mutilation" not too long ago when it was practiced mostly in Muslim countries.

  3. Before the party gets too revved up, this bill might be hollow and just for show.

    One of our most outstanding citizens comments on shortcomings and the need to amend the bill - this was five days ago:

  4. I am in Michigan, and am afraid of the laws that our far, far left government will do in response to these common sense laws that other states are enacting. I can see the Empress of Lansing and her ilk trying to make Michigan not the Great Lake State, but the sanctuary state for messing up children.
    I wrote in a different forum that the left doesn't think that an 18-21 year old has the maturity to purchase a firearm, but a 7 year old is able to make the decision as to whether or not they should change genders via drugs and surgery.
    I have a niece that is about that same age, whose family, my sister, is transitioning her into a boy. My sister and I seldom see each other, no big problem to me. But I hope that they don't ask me to play into their fantasy. It is one thing for an adult to choose this path, and a completely different thing to do that to a child.

  5. does your sister think her daughter is old enough to consent to having sex?? didn't think so.
    someone who cannot legally consent to having sex should not be allowed to/encouraged to consent to having their biological gender changed


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