Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Nuclear Base Focuses on Diversity, Fails Nuclear Inspections

Every July, Minot Air Force Base, the only one to contain two ‘legs’ of the nuclear triad, celebrates ‘Diversity Day’. Held at the Jimmy Doolittle Center, named after the hard-charging Air Force pioneer who led the first air raid into Japan after Pearl Harbor, Diversity Day showcases “many different cultures along with other diversities such as religion and disabilities” representing the various cultures at Minot Air Force Base.” Jimmy would not approve. 

A culture notably absent from the Diversity Day festivities at Minot is a culture of competence.


  1. Surely this country's enemies will be just as diverse and all inclusive and have enlisting quotas like this country so it all evens out. RIght?

  2. I was stationed at Minot back in the '70s, on Missile Combat crew. Basically we lived by two rules:
    1. The MISSION comes FIRST!
    2. To err is human, to forgive is NOT SAC policy!
    Personal time, family, leave, etc, all took a back seat to the MISSION. We were proud to do it, and strove for daily excellence. Nothing less was acceptable. And we believed it, from the Wing Commander to Airman Smedley. My proudest year was when we aced a SAC ORI, a 1st STRAD Inspection, and a Nuclear Surety Inspection. The Wing was awarded a Presidential Unit Citation for Operational Excellence. These days all us old SAC heads are weeping bitter tears.

  3. And the DOD failed its fifth audit last November. They're now 0-5
    - WDS

  4. "No combat-ready unit ever passed inspection."
    "No inspection-ready unit ever passed combat."
    I shudder to think what these cocksuckers have done to my nuclear Navy.

  5. All I can say is they better add generators to the coffins of Jimmy Doolitle and Curtis LeMay cause they are for sure spinning in their graves.

  6. And for those who still think the military will come to save you and the Constitution from the commie politicians, You are MORONS...

    1. It boils down to the veterans. Those on activist duty will serve the global elite.

  7. "Why not Minot".... Well now there's another reason. Kill me now.


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