Friday, March 24, 2023

So much for the 3 step process for disciplinary action at Popeye's

GLENWOOD, Ill. — Two employees have been charged for allegedly opening fire on a delivery driver at a suburban Popeyes. 

According to Glenwood police, on Sunday officers responded to a Popeyes, located in the 18200 block of South Halsted, on the report of shots fired.


  1. so what else they selling out of that joint?

  2. It's For Heights. Not a place for decent people of any race to be at any time.
    Everyone there is a lowlife gutter trash welfare sucking no family piece of shit....a perfect example of Liberal progressive social engineering failure.
    "Mogadishu Lite" on a good day.
    No one has anything like impulse control, or civilized values, or any redeeming qualities. They are no better than animals.

    Seriously. Every decent person has moved away from there.

  3. Trevon and Omarion? Do we play "Guess the Race" on this one?


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