Friday, March 24, 2023

Big-Bore Handgun Pioneer John Linebaugh Dead At 67

John Linebaugh, a legendary gunsmith from Cody, Wyoming, famous for producing custom big-bore handguns, died Sunday surrounded by family and doing what he loved: building six-guns.


  1. What a nice tribute about the man.
    After hearing his name practically my whole life I would never have guessed he was four years younger than myself. He definitely became a legend in his own time.

    1. I was surprised to read he was only 4 years older than I am. Just about the time I was getting into larger bore revolvers, he'd already mastered them.

  2. He was 5 years my elder. I shot a buddies .454 Casull about 10 years back and quickly handed the pistol back to him. The .454 Casull is a big nope. I have my grandfather's 44 mag. If I shoot 44mag rounds in it my elbow and shoulder scream at me now. Most of what I shoot out of it is 900fps 44 special loads. I have also shot wax loads with just the primer in my basement. That was when LP were $20 a brick.

  3. Real gun guy I know had a 500 and 454. Shot 2 rounds out of his 500, hand hurt for half hour

  4. Nice spot for a burial, at the base of the Beartooth Mountains, near the Clarks Fork River. I always meant to get to his annual big bore shoot in Cody. I guess I've missed it for good.


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