Friday, March 24, 2023

You go, Girl

A California man was arrested for allegedly possessing more than 900 child pornography images after his wife found a hidden camera in their home and contacted authorities. 

Ryan Rovito, 34, was confronted by his wife on March 8 after she discovered the camera in their home's guest bathroom, according to the Redding Police Department. He admitted to knowing about the camera and said he would throw it away, but his wife had seized it and the hard drive it was connected to.


  1. There are literally hundreds of millions of pictures of naked women available on the internet, but this doof is going to jail because that wasn’t good enough for him.

  2. You know thats why there is just zero patience for filth like this. Daddy daughter kink, girls looking and dressing underage, and yes, billions of gorgeous 18 + year old women that make your jaw drop.
    ... and this sick fuck wants to watch little girls pee.
    Just kill it with fire

  3. Kid diddlers and animal abusers, let Walter White or Dexter introduce them to the magic barrel of mystery chemicals. That's my sort of nice way of not saying what I really want to say.

  4. Castration. His reward will be that he'll become a favorite trans-something for the left.

  5. Leaving them alive, even if maimed/gelded/etc., still lets them pursue more content. The perversion only ends when the brain stops working..

  6. Impalement, old school style.

    1. "In the style of Vlad the Impaler"


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