Monday, March 27, 2023

We must save the children!

A bill being considered by the California State Assembly would ban the sale of Skittles, Hot Tamales candy, Dubble Bubble Twist Gum, and other food items that the sponsor says contain of potentially dangerous and toxic chemicals.


  1. Now thats a riot.
    This is why even crazy people look at Californians sideways, and nobody wants them to live nearby.
    You're going to ban some candies because of miniscule amounts of food dye that MAY cause ADHD symptoms in some people... but if you kids wanna chop your weenie off, thats fine.

  2. Skittles: bad, sex reassignment surgery and lifelong hormone drugs: good.

  3. Skittles will be a big Black Market item even outpricing fentynal on the streets. I can hear the 8 year old Skittle Rompers now: "Hey ma float me a "C" I need to score a gram of "sweet skeetz".

    1. Will the Ag Inspection stations start looking for candy and ammo too?

  4. Just require manufacturers to put a prop 65 sticker on each piece of candy.
    Wait!! Don't they already that law? Yes. As a matter of fact, when I bought some motorcycle engine crush washers I had this special sticker saying that IF I would eat those washers I could get cancer.

  5. BLM community wants clarification if this involves their dear departed "Saint Skittles"?
    - WDS

  6. I... am conflicted. Do you have any idea the crazy shit the FDA approves as "edible"? A lot of that stuff is horrifically poisonous, and yes, even in the small amounts the actually put into food. OTOH, the feds have NO constitutional mandate to intervene in food or drug safety or legality AT ALL. And I'm of the opinion that the states should leave it up to private certification associations as well.

    So... Good job pointing out how the FDA seems to go out of their way to poison the general population? Vaccines weren't the first time. The RNA "vaccines" weren't the first, and won't be the last.


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