Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Your Wednesday Morning Florida Report

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) — The FBI has arrested two Florida law enforcement officers on charges of involvement with illegal drugs after both had worked together on a Drug Enforcement Administration task force.


  1. In defense of cops (something I am NOT inclined to do lately...), if your payscale is pushed to be as low as possible and still get warm bodies to fog the mirror, what do you expect?
    Millionaire CEOs of non profits claim they are worth the money they are paid because they are high performers, high power... whatever.
    But every other job in the country is lowballed under the 'costs' argument. Well then you aren't going to get high power high performers, you're going to get mirror foggers.
    Some Chalupa comes along and offers him 3 years salary to look the other way on Tuesdays about 11 pm when theres a green kia in the driveway at this address.
    Kids got college bills, mortgage is 2 months overdue and his wife said she's pregnant.
    So, you gonna turn that money down? Sarge says you get another 5k/yr in just 18 more months!

    1. Anytime you see a millionaire CEO of a non profit, odds are the whole thing is a scam. It's a great, mostly legal way for brides to grease the system. Obviously if you say anything against the Biden breast cancer charity it's only because you want women to die slow, agonizing deaths. It was funny how donations to the Clinton Charitable Foundation dried up as soon as she lost in 2016 (but were going exceptionally strong until then).

      I know, mostly off topic. You wonder what the cops really did in order to get prosecuted. They must have refused to cut the right people in.

    2. Law enforcement should be a vocation not an occupation just like public school teaching was when I was a student in the 1950s. When you take the lure of filthy lucre out of the equation and replace it with moral devotion you end the lust for material possessions.

    3. Or rather, you get the people willing to accept miserable pay for the chance to play petty tyrant. I definitely don't see that as a good thing.

  2. Anon @ 0755
    You're absolutely correct. I worked at a 'non-profit' for 8 years. The bs I saw was amazing. How they could manipulate numbers, and especially brainwash legislators was unreal. Anytime there were cash 'donations', man did that vanish! The term 'criminal enterprise' is far more accurate than not for profit. After the new ceo was hired, (lifetime demonrat), the place went from paying it's own way, to total gov/taxpayer support. Didn't take 10yrs. Assholes


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