Wednesday, June 07, 2023

AR-15 Buyer's Guide: Part II

Part 2 of the AR-15 Buyer's Guide series where we break down what people who are new to the platform should look for and why.    Today we're focused on handguards, gas blocks, and the upper and lower receiver.

VIDEO HERE  (35:20 minutes)


  1. Well more important than the rifle is knowing how to shoot.

    I'm an instructor and teach firearms. I'm also broke 95% of the time. I run a Palmetto State Arms. I paid around $450 dollars. Been using it for several years and a hell of a lot of shooting. Thousands of rounds. I shoot a lot. I'm getting around 1.5 MOA with decent ammo. Not high end ammo. 1.5 MOA means a 4.5 inch group at 300 yards. No bench - shooting prone.

    What I'm getting at is PSA is good enough. See this vid on how they got started, why they are a good price. It aint all about the money:

    OK - now learn how to shoot. That's the most important part of it all. Go to Project Appleseed - we're all volunteers and some of the best out there - here's some reviews:

    And we're all over the USA:

    Then go to our contact page - send me an email - and say you saw this on wirecutters site:

    If you're broke I'll help you out. And wirecutter - that means you too. I hope some of you take me up on this offer.


  2. I'll second the recommendation for Project Appleseed. I went as a student and took my younger daughter. Learned quite a bit, both shooting and history. Was great fun to walk the path from Concord back towards Lexington with the history lesson in mind.

  3. Mr. Mike talked fast and covered lots of ground in both vids. I found very little to disagree with. (Other than using a Pmag as a monopod.)
    Ruger ARs are available with many of the features he recommends.
    Priced at about $650 up, depending on features seems reasonable.

    1. I had no idea Ruger had so many different models of their SR/AR 556 rifles. I remember when they first came out they had just one basic SR-556 version and it seems to me they were priced right around the same price as PSA's sale price is now.

      In a world of bad news, it sure is fun to see lots of nice rifles for sale at 20 year old prices.

  4. I have no time for those people who shit on lower end ARs. They say things like “It won’t shoot sub minute of angle” and “It won’t last 50,000 rounds”. So what? I’m 63, shooting since 16, don’t think I’ve shot 50,000 in all that time. My PSA ARs go bang every time and I have a .300 Win Mag if I want sub MOA groups.


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