Wednesday, June 07, 2023

Ohio Republican Lawmakers Introduce Legislation to Exempt Sales Tax from Firearms and Ammunition

Republican lawmakers in the Ohio House and Senate have introduced legislation to exempt sales tax from guns and ammunition and provide business incentive growth in Ohio.

House Bill (HB) 189, sponsored by State Representative Al Cutrona (R-Canfield) and companion bill Senate Bill (SB) 134, sponsored by State Senator Tim Schaffer (R-Lancaster) aim to remove sales tax from guns and ammunition and provide gun and ammunition manufacturers a tax credit that would offset the federal excise tax imposed on these manufacturers.


  1. Unfortunately, good old Ohio Governor DeSwine will veto this as soon as it lands on his desk.
    "Give up tax revenue?!? That's preposterous!!!"
    Steve Y.

    1. Univ of Saigon 68June 7, 2023 at 6:35 PM

      But he would be enraged if you suggested a one dollar poll tax.

  2. Actually not taxing firearms sales is in line with the Constitution in the same way that not taxing newspaper sales is.

  3. Well, he gave a lot of tax revenue in his attempt to lock the state down. Then he signed constitutional carry, so, let's hope he stands on the side of freedom this time.

  4. West Virginia enacted this in July of 2021. Ohio, being a border state, has lost ammo sales as well as some long gun sales. Both states have a lot of firearms enthusiasts. Been that way all of my 63 years and goes back further than that, I imagine. Eod1sg Ret

  5. I read the text of HB189. The bill is presented as job creation and small business retention.

    As such, only an idiot or political hack so rigid in ideology would not see the benefit to the state and the people and therefore would object to the bill.

    Consider that as other states in that region are killing jobs and businesses, there is incredible opportunity to make OH as a place to relocate a business.

  6. So this has nothing to do with the Pittman - Robertson Act that takes the proceeds from 11% tax to benefit wildlife and parks divisions ? The description of this is linked here.

    If this is a different tax meant to punish law abiding citizens into paying for criminals - screw that and the people who are pushing for that. I'd suggest a tax on the convicted criminals instead - all proceeds taken from the criminal and given to their victims. Two birds with one stone.

  7. As a Ohio resident I'm for a flat sales tax's with no exclusion no deductions I don't care if you bought a electric car or donated to your church and get rid of the income tax


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