Thursday, June 08, 2023

Busy little bees

A brazen group of thieves in black ski masks were caught on video robbing a family at gunpoint at their front door in broad daylight, the latest in a shocking series of recent robberies in Chicago.

In fact, the Chicago Police Department revealed that the city has faced nearly 50 armed robberies just in the past five weeks, with authorities saying in an alert that they believe they've been committed by the same three to four suspects.


  1. yeah, I noticed shit like that back in philly. late 1990-early 2000's home invasions became the "new way" of a brother to make money. they easy to spot as well too. you will find them buying zip ties and duct tape at the home defect or blowes in the early afternoon.
    used to keep a riot shotgun or AR carbine handy when I lived back there.
    also made it a point to check the yard before letting my dogs out.
    found a few "hot dogs" that should have not been there. and yes, they form "crews", guys who have and can "work" together. like I said, nothing new.
    if you happen to live anywhere close to the "brothers" start checking your yard before letting your dogs out. they like to poison the dog before "working" dave in pa.

  2. Not sure who is “shocked” by criminal activity in that shithole.
    Sounds like a typical Tuesday for that place to me.

    TMF Bert

  3. It's a clear example of Congolese "Trick or Treat" bartering. You give us your valuables and we'll give your lives, maybe.

  4. Why is the Chicago Police Department involved here?
    Protection for the thugs I am sure.

  5. Best way to solve Chicago, a milk cow and kerosene lantern.

  6. IL has very strict gun laws, so this must be another fake news story. Chicago folk should just ignore this, probably not important.

  7. Replies

    2. Anonymous 9:03 More of this kind of thing would go a long way to putting an end to this robbery shit.

    3. First a warning shot (just coincidence it hit him, LOL) and then it looked like the next one was in the head the way he stiffened out and dropped.


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