Monday, June 05, 2023

California overwhelmed by 16 illegals

SACRAMENTO — California's top cop is calling out presidential candidate and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis after the migrants were flown into Sacramento and dumped as "political pawns." 

Attorney General Rob Bonta says 16 asylum seekers were flown into Sacramento Friday night on a private jet from Texas by a Florida state contractor — a company called Vertol Systems.


  1. "It's very strange at best. It's potentially illegal. It could violate criminal law, it could violate civil laws, so we're going to continue the investigation. We're going to get to the bottom of that," Bonta told CNN.

    The derelict doesn't even mention the first laws broken, the ones involving immigration.

  2. They should be dumping ALL the illagals in Delaware.

    1. better yet, pushed back across the border they crossed to get here.

  3. can be. they were the bus boys for the french laundry gavin ordered.

  4. As if 16 more illegals getting $300 every week from California is gonna make any difference in the state's deficit.
    - WDS

  5. You want them so much, you pay for their upkeep, we in fly over country can barely keep our heads above water with prices today.

  6. Sixteen illegals are a small number compared to the number waiting in line to use the restroom at an Eagle Pass, Texas gas station.


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