Monday, June 05, 2023

Commentary: As It Always Has Been, the Only True Cause of the Left Is Power

Why do so many liberal climate-activist grandees fly on private jets? Or why do those who profited from Black Lives Matter have a propensity for estate living? Or why do the community-activist Obamas prefer to live in not one, but three mansions?

The answer is that calls for radical equity, “power for the people,” and mandated equality are usually mostly sloganeering for those who enjoy power and the lucre it brings, and their wish is to augment both for themselves. The result is that the issue du jour of mandated equality often becomes secondary if not irrelevant. There is neither fear of inconstancy nor hypocrisy, given the central theme that governs a leftist party line is political utility — or the ends of power always more than justify the hypocritical means used to obtain it.


  1. Well, I will make a comment. The left will not last much longer.

  2. One private RT jet flight across America is equal to the carbon footprint a cattle farmer is required to feed 1600 people for a YEAR.

    There is no comparison - in fact grass fed cattle have negative carbon footprint because the pasture land is removing co2.

    12 tonnes for 1RT flight. A 30 month old corn fed cow is 141kg of CH4 (methane)

    Finally methane largely resolves in a decade (4 parts hydrogen) where co2 has to be removed by plants.



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