Friday, June 09, 2023

Exiting the Sex Wars

The backlash to mass feminism is not surprising. Decades of cultural programming have assured us that men and women are interchangeable human units, and that any deviation from this norm results from stigma and oppression. But then the Internet threw a spanner in the works.

Despite (and maybe also partly because of) the transgender madness, it is becoming harder every day to convince ourselves that we’re fungible souls who simply landed in different categories of flesh puppet. Burly men parading in women’s fetish attire demanding civil rights in a baritone with a fist on the table—all this is just the crowning achievement of a much older lie. The reality is peeking through: men and women are different.


  1. And we have this comment. What world does she live in?


  2. The deep derp philosophizing of TikTok. Transcribed by AI. So smaht feminists (with Harf eyes), can look at the burning room, and say "This is fine".

    It's a plan, Cotton. Let's see how it... works... uh... out.

  3. The article didn't seem to accomplish much. I'm glad it was short. The woman in Anonymous' comment is to be avoided at all costs. She brings nothing to a relationship and will never be satisfied with what she gets.


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