Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Acting on Russell Brand Accusations without Proof Draws Parallels to ‘Red Flag’ Confiscations

“’I FLED BRAND,’” a Monday accusation in The Sun screams. “Russell Brand stalked me down street demanding sex after I met him in bar – I felt like I was being hunted, model claims.” 

The media is having a prurient field day piling on to the controversial English comedian, actor, writer, and social commentator.


  1. Sorry, I have a hard time believing someone who waits years to report a sexual assault.

  2. So it took this gal 20 years to come forward? I assume she was so traumatized by the event she was unable to do so earlier. This bullshit will never end.

    1. She was fine being chased when he was liberal, now that he is center, center-right it's no longer fine.

  3. Accusations are enough when you control the media.

  4. I'm not a fan of R Brand but I recognize the leftist tactics and the all out attempt to silence anyone they disagree with or that speaks out against the soft communist agenda being pushed on the American citizens and society in general right now

  5. The Progressive elites are very clever when they set their sights on destroying men who threaten them and their agenda. Nothing is off the table. Look at how they tried to use bimbos to destroy Trump.

  6. I give no credibility to any person claiming sexual assault that is over two weeks old (the assault not the person). Two weeks is more than enough time to finish crying and seek revenge/justice.

  7. It seems the UK government wants Russel Brand off the board. He's humiliated a few powerful people over the years who took him for an idiot after seeing his persona and didn't realize he's actually got a brain in his head. I just hope he was smart enough to stash a bunch of funds because they're coming hard for him, and the UK isn't exactly a free country.

  8. I've tried watching his podcasts but with my poor hearing I'm unable to understand him. However, it's apparent that he pissed of the leftists and they've arranged for a bunch of floozies to accuse him of rape or harassment. I agree with the earlier comments about waiting for years or even decades before coming forward with accusations. Bought and paid for whores.


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