Thursday, September 21, 2023

Commentary: The Migrant Surge is Coming to the Classroom

Democratic politicians and the liberal media made the first day of school all about welcoming migrant children. That’s sheer propaganda. Parents deserve the truth. The migrant surge is a disaster for their kids. 

The surge will worsen our education system’s twin failures: plunging math and reading scores, and the failure to ensure newly arriving kids learn English so they can succeed, too.


  1. Get your kids out of public schools.
    The federal government is tasked with protecting our borders. They are purposefully not doing that task. That is treason.
    DC needs a wind chime movement and need it now.

    No one is immune to the laws of physics. Any official involved in this treason shall eventually be reminded of said law. One way or another.

    They all have names, addresses, routines. FFF/22BOH

  2. An awful lot of the mothers of these young children voted for this. But at least they no longer have to bear mean tweets about the crooks they preferred rule over us.

    I've got a woke daughter and SiL with a preschool child. I am waiting to see how they react when she reaches kindergarten and has to tolerate the N's with their disdain of education and behavior rules.

  3. I wonder how the "migrant" parents are gonna take to their little darlings being taught about embracing gay rights and they need to transition into the other sex.

  4. Not on!y will educational standards and outcomes plummet but the amount of violence in the schools will skyrocket. Import turd world animals, get turd world consequences.

    1. "... plunging math and reading scores, and the failure to ensure newly arriving kids learn English..."
      All of which means more government money for schools, which is the important thing.

  5. Won't that be cool when your exorbitant property taxes are paying for illegals in your schools because the whites kids won't go there anymore?


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