Friday, September 22, 2023

"I know your mommy just dropped you off, but it's naptime"

EDMOND, Okla (KFOR) – A Grove Valley Elementary Special Education teacher resigned following a letter sent out to parents saying she no longer worked in the district. The letter said the Deer Creek School District learned that Amanda Bristow had been giving students some sort of medication. 

“I did question my son about it, I said, did she ever give you any medicine? And he said she used to give them special gummies and then they would take a nap,” said Megan Longoria, a parent.


  1. Resigning won't shield her from criminal prosecution or civil lawsuits. The school district is on the hook too. If it were me, I would go after each on the hiring board, individually, for their culpability.
    Rule .308 y'all.

  2. As a white straight male I love teaching. I dropped out because right off I would be considered guilty if whatever was alleged against me. Admin straight up told me that. My brother really wanted to teach math. I advised him not to.
    States have made it dangerous for straight males to be teachers.

    So there is a teacher shortage. The way to claw back from that is to tell NEA to take a hike, and to offer some indemnification to male teachers. Also, to wipe clean the school boards of every lilting socialist.

  3. A better alternative than puttin' a pillow over their heads for a lights outs.

  4. As far as I can see, mandatory union membership breeds nothing but corruption.

  5. If these special gummies have been brought across the border by the democrat's special carriers this teacher is going to be rich. That will be a guaranteed successful lawsuit.

  6. Probably some type of marijuana gummies since they are easily obtained in the state.

  7. I know that in Canada at least, people sometimes (but not always, for whatever reason) face lengthy prison sentences for such behavior.


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