Friday, September 22, 2023

Pliney Gardner

Pliney Fisk Gardner (c. 1835 - 1893) was an Old West gunfighter and outlaw. Gardner was born during the 1830s and migrated to California during the 1850s where he made his living as a gambler, earning a reputation as a hard character. He shot a man to death in 1859 at Sonora, California and was indicted with a charge of murder, but released from custody. Gardner then made his living as a hired gun for a mining company being a member of a notorious Daly Gang that terrorized the goldfields between Aurora, Nevada and Carson City during the 1860s in the Nevada Territory.


  1. Having read the article, I wonder how one lives off their reputation as a gunfighter. I reckon selling autographs and such. Pretty much a roustabout trading favors.

    1. Well, the article you supposedly read said he owned the bar in Hill's Ferry, so.....

    2. Pliney's 'saloon' had as many as fifty 'girls' working in his 'dance hall'.

      Sounds like it was a right popular place to 'dance'.

    3. Having a bad week? I did resd the article. And the timeline it portrays is he lived on his reputation before his tome as saloon owner.

    4. Then surely you read the part about him being a gambler, then a hired gun and a member of the Daly Gang.
      Just because they were gunmen didn't mean that's all they did. Billy the Kid was a cowboy, John Wesley Hardin was a cowboy and a gambler, the Earps did anything they could for money, Doc Holliday was a dentist before he became a gambler, Clay Allison was a cattleman and farmer, and the list goes on and on.

  2. Also noted, while looking ip various place names, Wiki misappropriates Mexican land grants. Them MFs, there were no such things. It was Spanissh land grants. Them MFs are rewriting history.

  3. Might explain why I am a better shot with my side arm than my AR. Cool!

  4. With a name like that you have to be hard.... Pliney was the original Boy named Sue


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