Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Make America California

Like the buffoonish commanding officer in Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Pirates of Penzance, Gavin Newsom for many represents “the very model of a modern Major-General,” filling the expectations of the progressive political elite. Handsome, articulate, and politically savvy, Newsom has emerged as the new matinee idol, in stark contrast to Joe Biden’s poor ratings, clear cognitive decline, and increasing stench of corruption.

With the looming threat of a second Trump presidency, Democrats and many others are desperate to find someone who appears somewhat competent while embracing progressive dogma on issues like climate, racial reparations, and gender. Biden has adopted this same agenda, but his basic appeal and instincts remain those of a traditional spoils-oriented Democrat.


  1. And like most Democrats, he doesn't know how to run an operation and can't be held responsible for his mistakes.

  2. With the way votes are counted these days whoever they pick will have a really good chance of coming out on top.

  3. Better idea: Make California American Again!

  4. I loathe Newsome...he is Hillary Clinton in drag....

  5. Oh hell no
    Get the fuck out of here

  6. Newsom is the next Michael Avenatti. The left just loved Aveatti & were saying he should run for President. Newsom is a crook who has not gotten caught, yet. Avenatti's Department of Justice registration number 86743-054 is currently incarcerated at Terminal Island until 2036. Newsom & Avenatti would make wonderful cell mates & butt buddies...


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