Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Nashville, AKA San Francisco East

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV) — Olivia Hill made history Thursday night as the first transgender official elected in the state of Tennessee. 

Hill secured an at-large Metro Council seat in the Davidson County runoff election. The Nashville native is a Metro Public Schools alum and Navy veteran, according to the LGBTQ+ Victory Fund.


  1. Olivia is every bit as lovely as Rachel Levine.

    And speaking of the Nashville LGBTQ+ scene, have they released Audrey Hale's manifesto yet?

  2. Yet another reason why Tenn. fell off our list of states to move to. Between the horrors of Memphis at one end and the rapidly wokening culture of Nashville and the crime-ridden Chattanooga, there's not much safe haven left...especially when it comes to the state government takeover by them.

  3. arent you proud of your adopted state/

    1. I'd worry about it if I ever went to Nashville. I've lived here 7 years and other than one trip to the hospital for my wife, I've never been there even though it's only 45 miles from here.


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