Thursday, September 28, 2023

When you've been Karen-ed one time too many

FREMONT, Ohio - A Kroger employee was cited with disorderly conduct after being accused of throwing groceries and yelling at a shopper. 

Fremont Police in Ohio said on September 11, an officer was dispatched to a store after a female customer reported being assaulted by a cashier.


Tortilla chips trumped by a frozen chicken...


  1. ...She swung a frozen chicken at him....🤣🤣🤣
    I'd have paid to watch that.

  2. No clue how things work at Kroger but if you're a cashier and there's a price discrepancy, call someone over and let him or her handle it. It's not like price checks are exotic rare things, and you're already busy doing something else.

    Having said that, I don't know how people in retail do it. I'd be walked out the door an hour into my first shift because I have no tolerance for all the assholes I see in stores.

    Just yesterday I was in Costco walking up one of the food aisles, and some employee runs by me to hand a bag of chips to some old guy in his 70s. Apparently the guy had been looking for them in the place they usually were, but they were relocated because of a promotion, somewhere pretty far away. So he hands this bag to the old guy, and his response was, "Yep, that's the one," and he turns around, puts it in the cart, and starts walking away, while still loudly bitching to another employee about not finding them in their usual spot.

    I was about 40 feet away from this and said mostly to myself, "Could at least say thanks" and the poor kid quietly says something to the effect of "Welcome to my life." I generally hear that Costco is a great place to work, but it wouldn't take much of that to get under my skin.

  3. "Tortilla chips trumped by a frozen chicken..."

    I don't know why, but that cracks me up. Maybe it's because I had an encounter with an obnoxious Karen once, and I know if I'd have had a frozen chicken with me I'd have loved to have smacked her with it. She was asking for it and needed it.

  4. "This story was reported from Los Angeles. "
    BWAHAHAHA snort Los Angeles hehehe BWAHAHA
    Steve S6

  5. Dont swing the chicken, its expensive. Educate your opponent with canned goods for a much better impression...


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