Tuesday, October 03, 2023

How Tower Cranes Build Themselves

A look at tower cranes and how they climb to extraordinary heights.

VIDEO HERE  (10:49 minutes)


My brother-in-law is friends with a crane operator working in downtown Nashville. He says the job is incredibly boring. He'll work for 10 minutes, wait for an hour or two, do another lift, wait for another hour...


  1. I understand that they make enough to help with the boredom. I don't know if I could deal with it at any price. The views might be nice, if you could ignore Trashville right below you.
    --Tennessee Budd

    1. Yeah, Tim told me what it was and it was an ungodly amount, but I just can't recall what it was. Union job, union wages.
      I could enjoy the view, but I don't do Nashville traffic. I don't even like doing Gallatin traffic.

  2. Yep, boring until something goes wrong and then it gets terribly exciitng.

  3. Yup, here in the chemical plants, you see the same thing. Crane comes in, sets up (usually takes at least a day or two for the big ones), and then sets there for hours before the lift, does a ten minute lift, then sets hours waiting for the second lift. You might get two lifts per 12 hour shift.

    One time, had two different turn-arounds going - contract crane operator would work day shift at one, then scoot over to the other and work night shift. Since he had so much downtime, he'd cover up the cab of the crane with those windshield shades and nap in-between lifts. Took most of a month before management figured it out.

  4. Had a friend forty some odd years ago whose whole job was putting up and taking down tower cranes. There was enough work to keep him busy most of the time.


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