Monday, November 20, 2023

Good Morning

 VIDEO HERE  (39 seconds)


  1. The Tongue!
    I had a dog that could really make me mad. Boy, could he get into trouble. But he made me smile a lot more often, and sticking his tongue out was part of his schtick. He wasn't worth much other than being able to make me laugh. He's been gone five years now and he's still making me smile.
    It's funny how you have to try to remember the stuff that made you mad but always easily remember the stuff that made you smile.

  2. Hes very cute but chews like some of my relatives.

  3. I absolutely hate to hear people chew.
    But dogs? That shit is cute.
    Same for snoring.

    1. My ten pound couch warmer has a delicate little snore. It's funnier than shit.


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