Monday, November 20, 2023

Your Monday Morning Florida Report

Two people were arrested in Volusia County over the weekend after claiming the laws don't apply to them. 

They call themselves sovereign citizens, and it's not the first time the police have had to deal with something like this.


  1. Show me the "social contract" I signed

  2. Here's a sovereign example:

  3. On a work assignment I had many years ago, there was an attorney and a great guy, who told me that in a courtroom, the one thing you DO NOT want to do, either as an attorney or a defendant/plaintiff is piss off the judge

  4. My brother is one of those "sovereign citizens". Thinks he is not a part of the system, outside the law, don't have to pay mortgage or have an id. Basically, he is in hiding all the time. I keep my eyes open and aware of what is happening in America, but that dude is out of this world.

  5. I have always thought the sovereign citizen stuff was bullshit. So, you don’t pay taxes but you use the things taxes pay for, don’t pay back money you borrowed? That just makes you a thief. What else do sovereign citizens do to fuck up and take advantage of the people around them?

  6. The way things are I can understand wanting to be outside of the norms of society but if your out driving around you are not putting yourself outside of society and you should probably follow some to most of those rules of that society....

  7. Geez, Volusia County. Again!!! Glad to be living here. /sarc off


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