Tuesday, November 21, 2023

PsychoChicks - we've all had 'em

AUBURN, Ky. (WBKO) - As several parents attended a Thanksgiving meal at Auburn Elementary, they notified a school resource officer that there was a woman with a knife threatening to cut parents’ tires in a parking lot close to the school. 


Well, that might explain why she's a former judge.


  1. What????
    A 'former judge' who is a psycho?
    And she has not been hired to go after Trump yet?
    Boy, democrats are starting to slack off.

  2. "Well, that might explain why she's a former judge."

    OR . . . it might explain the sorry state of our 'Justice' system.

  3. looks like an alcoholic...womens & booze aint like peas & carrots

  4. In regards to her erratic behavior NYC Judge Arthur F. Engoron sent the former judge Sue Carol Browning a message. "Hold My Beer".


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