Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Remember when your parents warned you about getting into cars with strangers?

Billions of Uber rides are taken and given every day and according to Uber's own 2019-2020 U.S. Safety Report, 3,824 sexual assaults across five categories were reported on the company's app.


  1. Many Uber, Lift drivers are like kids in a candy store, an alcoholic working in a distillery or a pedophile working in a elementary school. It's a case where they don't choose the profession. The profession choose them.

  2. Billions of Uber rides are taken and given every day...

    Billions? Doesn't anybody proofread these articles before publication?

    1. "Uber completes 1.44 billion trips per quarter."
      -- per Backlinko

      So . . roughly 15 million rides per day (17 countries).

  3. what's the difference when/if you hail a taxi in NYC?

  4. I found it quite amusing while on a contract where the lowest paid contractor was getting about $40/hr(my rate as tech lead was somewhat higher), yet several of them were doing Ubers after work, for 4-6 hours per night and netting less than $50 for the evening.

    Me? I was doing OT at time and a half, and doubling my pay. That buys a LOT of Skaven figures, friends, and the only robberies I had to endure were Games Workshop's price increases. All of the Uber drivers were robbed at least once.


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