Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Dogs worth almost $10,000 a pop.....

Security video captured a group of thieves ransacking a Gardena pet shop and tossing puppies in a $100,000 dog heist. 

Video shows four masked men breaking into Top Dog Pet Store on Tuesday as security alarms blared and dogs were heard barking.


Five years ago, I had never even heard of a French Bulldog.
I'm sorry, there's no fucking way in hell I'd pay 10,000 bucks for any dog. Looking back, I think the most I ever gave for a dog was 20 bucks for my dog Captain back in the 1980s and I hesitated doing that. 


  1. No way I’d buy a dog for $10k and there’s no way I’d sell mine for $10k.

  2. Seven dogs have been in my life over the last 50+ years. Three came from the local pound. The other four were dogs looking for a home from a private party. Four of the seven have been great dogs, one of them being the dog of a lifetime. Two have been wonderful, and the seventh was... ahem... shall we say 'memorable'. He was so memorable the pound literally wanted to give him away to get him out of their hair.
    All in all, not a bad average.

    I've never had the least bit of interest of paying someone for a dog when there are so many of them out there looking for love at little or no cost.

  3. I've paid the pound fee for many of the dogs I've had and most were either strays or I got them from someone who had too many or just wanted to find a new home for their dog. Loved 'em all.

  4. Come now. You don't want to become famous for owning a Kardashian-type dog?

  5. Recently an asshole I know shelled out $3,500 for a fucking Labradoodle. They pretend to be dog lovers. Ya that's like car lover choosing a Lamborghini over a Chevy to commute to work. It's all about the low steem assholes using bling to make them selves feel superior....Want a dog? Get your fat ass down to the local animal shelter.

  6. All the homeless in my area have dogs. One is even walking around (working a street corner) with a French Bulldog! They've figured out that people will feel sorry for the dog and give them money.

    1. There was a guy in my town who did that.People would stop and drop off stuff only for the dog. No money, dog food and toys.

  7. One of my neighbors has a Frenchie and I have to tell you I see the attraction. That dog has the sweetest disposition I've ever seen. I worry that they've actually bred all the "dog" out of them and wonder if he could even defend himself if a coyote or some stray came at him. I think any dog needs a little edge.

  8. I am on dog #8 in my 72 years. The best dog I ever had (shelter dog) I had to put down because of cancer in June. I thought we were done with dogs but wifey wanted another one so off to the shelter we went. We ended up with something akin to a 25 lb pit bull. A sketchy start but he is sure trying like hell to fit into our program. Never forget!

  9. I've owned a fancy purebred dog. Even though he was "free" he still cost a fucking fortune. No regrets though, and I'd do it all over again.


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