Tuesday, January 23, 2024

How The Migrant Crisis Destroyed American Liberalism

On January 9, students at James Madison High School in Brooklyn discovered that they would be spending the next two days in front of their computer screens learning from home. But it wasn’t the usual winter weather causing this cancellation of in-person classes – instead, it was because the city of New York was planning to move nearly 2,000 illegal migrants from their encampment and resettle them at the school, displacing the students.


  1. Sorreee!
    This isn't "liberalism": this is the true face of Marxism.

    1. And neither are anywhere close to being destroyed. Sometimes I wonder if writers put this kind of stuff together to get people to stop fighting it.

  2. I like it. Those stupid sons of bitches are creating future haters of border jumping scumbags.

  3. Liberalism in New York City, Los Angeles and other heavy Democrat cities will always reign even if the Progressive lifestyles suffer some scrapes and bruises. Unlike Gov. Abbott's Beaner blitz the long game playing Liberals will absorb some of the useful illegals, house them in the inner-city ghettos and drip, drip, drip many back to areas where they'll bend into the local demographics.


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