Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Winter Survival Food: French Onion Soup

 Winter survival was incredibly difficult for many people in the 1700’s. Food storage was absolutely critical for making it through. Sometimes there was an opportunity to have a wonderful savory meal to brighten the bleak winter. This French Onion Soup was incredible. 

VIDEO HERE  (10 minutes)


  1. Was snowed in on a remote backpacking trip 35 years ago. Cobbled together french onion soup out of our supplies. It was so good, I can still remember it like it was yesterday.

  2. I make about 20qts of french onion soup at one time and can it. Anytime I need a quick meal all that is needed is to open a jar and heat and eat. Great base for stew and a host of other things that require broth.

    1. That's a great idea. Most of my broths have a nice onion base anyway.

  3. That's the way I make onion soup. I don't like it with all the crap in or on it. Most my recipes are very old fashion and basic. If I read a supposed old fashion recipe and it has some thing that I know they did not have in the old days I know it's not an old fashion recipe.

  4. Winter isn't the worst risk: Spring and early summer is, when you have to expend a LOT of energy getting the new crop in, and all the food has been eaten

  5. Snow on the level, three feet deep,
    Oh Lord! How the wind is blowing?
    We've eaten our caps and suspender straps,
    And damned if it still ain't snowing.

    We made a Mulligan stew today,
    Of a candle, some soap, and a whisp of hay,
    Some small pine blocks, a pair of socks,
    A wood rats nest and a couple of rocks.

    Tomorrow morn at the peep of dawn
    We're going to leave this shack,
    A trail to seek o'er mountain peak,
    Adios! If we don't come back.

    And in the spring when all nature sings,
    Should you chance on this trail to come back,
    If you find a couple of skeleton things,
    You'll know it's just me and Jack.

    From trails of a wilderness wanderer, attributed to Conrad Kain.
    Makes french onion soup sound like heaven.

  6. Can you imagine anyone living so near the edge putting up, for one second, with the silliness we have to tolerate today?

    "Moonbattery is largely a symptom of overabundance. Only a society rich and secure enough to raise whole generations of squishy-soft spoiled brats will have any use for political correctness. People don’t invent imaginary problems (racism, white privilege, transphobia, global warming, etc) unless there is a shortage of real problems." Dave Blount


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