Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Commentary: Illegal Immigration Creates a New Slave Caste

Belatedly, the southern border crisis is getting the attention it deserves.

There’s wall-to-wall coverage in the legacy and conservative press, independent documentaries proliferating on the subject, a Tucker Carlson interview with Bret Weinstein attracting over 15 million views on X, and President Joe Biden blaming Trump for a failed bill that involved the border crisis.

Under Biden’s watch, an estimated 10 million illegal immigrants have flooded the United States. It’s staggering to consider that if all these undocumented entrants formed their own state, it would be the 11th most populous in the union.


  1. Clearly, the Democrats have not changed in 150 years!

  2. Let the deportations begin. There is nothing in the US Constitution on anchor baggies either, so kids go with the illegal parents. If a liberal whines, shoot them in the face as a traitor. This is a planned invasion. I really hate obammy.

  3. "Illegal Immigration Creates a New Slave Caste"
    As in "vote for us or else", like they have done to blacks for years?

    1. Blacks were starting to wake up. They had to be replaced.

  4. From the linked article: "It’s a system where the only winners are the exploiters"

    "Chamber of Commerce"

  5. The illegals should be grateful that they are just being taken advantage of economically. Next comes sexually. Eventually, they'll be hunted under a bounty system. If they were smart, they'd turn around and go home.

  6. I'm ok with enslaving them. What they deserve. They should also sign a note with the $650,000 share of the national debt they assume. Free when paid off.

  7. Well if they're slaves, and paid less, why pay them at all?
    A story was written about a youth who admitted he was under age when he came here. So you're telling me your folks "prostituted" you out to go earn a paycheck & send money home? Then the woe of being hurt on the job, but the L&I paperwork wasn't in spanish to understand? I call BS, it's always in both english & spanish. Now whether you can read spanish is a different matter.

  8. Under "not my problem" comes the complaint that many of the illegal invaders from Central and South America are completely illeterate and don't speak Spanish either (many many Indio dialects).
    Sexual slavery generally occurs within their own communities, but it is spreading, both as forced prostitution and as random rape.
    John in Indy


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