Thursday, February 29, 2024

Commentary: Solving the Literacy Crisis

Learning to read is trending. The most fundamental of K-12 subjects is fueling YouTube videos and feature stories in People magazine and is now the subject of a report from Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-La., ranking member of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions. Let’s hope the renewed interest spreads, because a shocking proportion of American children cannot read, and the data have profound implications for these children’s futures—and the entire criminal justice system.


  1. 100 hours of instruction to teach ALL of reading, writing, and arithmatic.

    15 minutes a day is plenty. And skipping a few days here and there (even if you skip 3/4 of days) won't affect things all that much. Don't be intimidated by homeschooling.

    Think about it. 1 day a week, 15 minutes a day = 52/12= 12 hours a year. 100 hours total / 12 hours a year = 8 1/3 years to teach it all. Still doing better than the public school system. That's a REALLY FUCKING LOW BAR, people. It's not that hard.

    Or you could go hole hog and do 5 times that much (fifteen minutes every school day), and get things done in less than two years.

    John G.

  2. Area Ocho had an article about this and how Oregon's minorities are too stupid to learn and what they've done about it.
    - WDS

  3. It is uncaring, uninvolved so-called "parents" that produce illiterate children. What in hell are these "parents" doing if they send kids to kindergarten not knowing how to read, basic math and the other stuff that makes a person. I understand that some kids actually do have learning difficulties and such, kids learn at different rates. By any measure, American parents are failing their kids in this. It is shameful. I refuse to pretend otherwise.
    Parents need to read to their kids, spend that time - INVEST that time with them. My father was a HS dropout, earned his GED. Yet, HE took the time to read to me after his hell commute to his blue collar tradie job. He did it, I don't see why the current generation cannot do the same for their children.

  4. Part of this problem was using 'see-and-say' instead of phonics.

    1. It's hard to teach English when Ebonics is their native language.
      - WDS

  5. Jim Barksdale co-founded Netscape. God help my native state.


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