Friday, February 23, 2024

Good Morning



  1. Very cool. A short story. My father and I were in our 53 Chevy. We stopped at a farm with horses. He put me up on a work horse and I had never been so scared in my life. Like on top of the Empire State Building to a three/four year old. We bought a Shetland pony. She had a brown eye and a blue eye. Put it in the back seat of the car and drove home to our farm. Us kids named it Judy. Years later I always said Judy was put on god green earth to maim, cripple or kill me. Meanest horse I ever met. She would run under low branches, buck or do anything to get you off her back. I'd take her out to get the cows and she would take off at a dead run. Pull the bit into her brain, she ran faster. Then she'd drive both front hooves in the ground and stop on a dime. I'd go over her head reins in hand. I always said I learned my best cussing going over her head while looking her in the eye. Yes I know hetrochromia as I figure most people in here already know. So to the anonymous smart ass, you don't have to point that out. My story, I'll tell it the way I choose.

    1. Ponies can be vicious, we had one when I was a kid and she was patient sometimes, but when she decided she was done, she had this one particular tree she would use to scrape me off her back. I learned to dismount quickly when I saw we were heading towards that tree. When she finally died and we had to bury her in the bottom, she looked so much smaller than she did when she was alive. (Still had to use the truck to pull her to the gravesite, though.)

  2. Had a friend in Ohio who had a miniature horse.....every time she went to the stable to feed him he tried to mount her.....little sucker was hung, too....he had her pinned up against a feed barrel once and her husband had to kick his ass to get him off....

  3. Video was ruined by the sappy song playing at "11"....damn

  4. What the shit! Are trying to make me cry or something?

  5. 1 - Not clicking on a ChiComToc video ever, please stop posting them.

    2 - Went to the Dancing Horses show in Lake Geneva, WI (Las Vegas on hooves). In the after the show tour the only horse they specifically warned you not to try to touch was the pony.


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