Friday, February 23, 2024

"Hey, you said I could!"

CLEVELAND, Ohio - A silly 2015 exchange between two siblings led to an event that has since gone viral: a wedding in which the unamused bride was forced to welcome a very dapper llama as a guest. 

Five years ago, Mendl Weinstock was driving with his sister, Riva, to Indiana from their home in Ohio. During the drive, Riva was allegedly discussing her wedding "like it was tomorrow," Mendl wrote in a post on Reddit, "even though she wasn’t dating anyone."


  1. Not sure what I like best, the Llama in a tux, or the bride's Converse sneakers.

  2. That is beautiful.
    Best to the happy couple.
    Best to the brother and his sense of humor.
    Best to the Llama.

  3. He should have showed up with an 88 year old, fat, bald, saffron robed Buddhist and said he wasn’t a good speller.

  4. Mendl (translation from Yiddish to American English)
    what an ***hole!


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