Monday, February 12, 2024

Joel Osteen church shooter identified as Genesse Moreno, also went by Jeffrey

The individual who walked into Joel Osteen's Lakewood, Texas church on Sunday, pulled out a gun and opened fire, has been identified as Genesse Ivonne Moreno, 36. Moreno, wearing a trenchcoat, opened fire when entering the church along with a 5-year old child.


Genesse Moreno went by Jeffrey Escalante Moreno, among other aliases, and was from El Salvador. The child Moreno brought to the church was shot and injured. The child remains in critical condition in a local hospital. A 57-year-old man was also shot in the leg and taken to a hospital for treatment.


  1. There's nothing more dangerous than a Tranny with an AR-15 so welcome to the club says Audrey Hale from Nashville.

  2. Carry everywhere.
    Train often.
    Expect shit.
    Don't get into crowds, even in church.
    Stay near the exits.
    Don't believe anything on broadcast news.
    Read Roger's Rules of Ranging, and About Face by David Hackworth.

  3. This is not a small church damn near downtown Houston. It is huge with a sizeable security staff that just happened to be where?

  4. Well at least we now know why the media is not shouting from the highest tower, "WHITE SUPREMACIST TRUMP-SUPPORTING MAGA SHOOTER !!!!"

    This is why we need common sense tranny control.

    1. Now just hold on there. The police have clearly stated that they have yet to determine the shooter's motive.

  5. So Reverend "send me more money" Osteen, he who had claimed church money was stolen but it was actually hidden in the churches walls. Has a Spanish speaking only service with trans Illegals. Man haven't churches changed since my time.

  6. Does that make it a semi-automatic tranny?

  7. Register Tranny's not guns. And make sure they include what meds they are on.

  8. Tranzies exist to make Biden look good. And deserve the same nooses (neese?)

  9. Anyone ever heard of a good tranny from El Salvador? I certainly haven’t.

  10. Gender appropriation

  11. Was She/He/It (Sheit) on testosterone? Anti depressants?
    Don't worry, no drug company or doctor will be held liable.

  12. Was obvious that within 1 hour of the event, the news was reporting that the identity had not been released. Several hours in, it was leaked that the shooter was female. They slow rolled the info while they were trying to agree on how to spin it. The news slipped in that it occurred during the Spanish speaking service.
    Had the shooter been white, male, and wore a red hat, it would have been made out as a Trump supporting, MAGA republican with the initial news report.
    Imagine my shock with the delay in reporting, that the shooter was a Hispanic tyranny with an extensive criminal record.

  13. Certainly have been a lot of trans mass shooters recently. I don't remember any in the past before being trans became a fad.

  14. Trans people are by definition mentally ill. If any group should have a defacto automatic ban on possession of firearms it's trannies.

  15. Only remedy for this infection is; shoot it and then burn its body in pig fat.

  16. Legal resident??? Or one of the millions of invaders?? Inquiring minds, ya know.....


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