Monday, February 12, 2024

Illegal Immigration ‘Surge’ Will Put ‘Downward Pressure’ on Wages for Years, CBO Says

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projects that the ongoing surge in immigration, both legal and illegal, will put “downward pressure” on inflation-adjusted wages through 2034, according to a recently released report. 

The downward effect on real wages will continue until 2027, at which point it will “partially reverse,” with immigration still expected to cause average real wages to be lower in 2034 than they otherwise would be, according to CBO. CBO did predict some positive impacts of immigration, as well, such as increased GDP growth and an expanded labor force.


  1. This article stirs memories of Cloward-Piven in my mind.

  2. Downward pressure on wages?
    The poor real American citizens who suffer because of that will be promised all kinds of goodies by democrats to keep them voting.
    Mission accomplished: keep the already poor poorer.

  3. But how am I supposed to come into your country and survive on minimum wage??!

    1. A Cop once told me,
      They have a fake ID for work, and another for benefits.

    2. Many of us don't want you to survive

  4. I once infuriated a Leftie at a party who was ranting merrily along about open borders - I asked her if she really hated Blacks so much. Of course she didn't! I then asked if she agreed if our schools were failing Black youth and thereby forcing many of them to settle for unskilled jobs with low pay. Yes, and isn't it terrible! I then asked her if illegals competing for unskilled jobs were reducing job availability and lowering wages for Blacks. Spluttering sound. I then asked if she thought it was good to help illegals by hurting Black citizens. She exploded and vanished from the party.

  5. I support mandatory jail time for anyone who hires an illegal. Yes, this includes homeowners, and corporate folks too. 30 days for an illegal. This would sole it overnight. will never happen.

  6. Wages may get pushed downward but the cost of living sure as hell won't be...

  7. BUT
    It will not affect the ever increasing politicians pay ........


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