Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Roommates - whaddaya gonna do?

A Memphis man has been convicted for his roommate’s murder over two years after the 63-year-old’s body was found inside a suitcase dumped behind an alley. 

A jury returned the verdict on Friday convicting 32-year-old Julian Summers with first-degree murder and abuse of a corpse. 

Prosecutors say that in December 2021, Summers struck 63-year-old Bruce Jefferies in the head with a hammer while he slept in their shared apartment in Midtown.


  1. When will we finally say enough is enough, and make possession of hammers illegal?
    If we can save the life of just one 63 year old Memphian roommate.

  2. C'mon, now. How about a little empathy, here? Who HASN'T wanted to take a ball peen hammer to the noggin of a roommate from time to time?

  3. That's some real Ira Einhorn shit right there.
    - WDS

  4. '... behind an alley ...'
    Oh, you mean in a building?

    Or, in an alley, behind a building.

  5. How the fuck do put anything behind an alley? Some fuckwit with a college degree who thinks that makes him smart wrote that shit.


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