Tuesday, February 27, 2024

And his entire haul is change and dollar bills...

A vandal hacking away at vending machines with a pickaxe on school campuses in Santa Clarita has cost a local business owner more than $75,000 between money stolen from the machines and the cost of parts and repairs. 

According to Lisa Burke, who owns and operates Santa Clarita Concessions, a company her father founded 69 years ago, the vandal began mauling her machines on Dec. 23 and remains on the loose.


  1. When that government check isn't keeping up with your meth bills.

  2. Debit cards for illegals need to get more money.
    That surely will stop this kind of behavior.

    1. Debit card's what he used to buy the pickaxe.

  3. Hey there's the candy too.

  4. My grandfather used to be a Coca-Cola bottling plant owner. In their break rooms, they had machines for employees to try to hack into. If staff figured out a new hack, they could report it and get a cash bonus. At his second plant, staff came in on a monday morning to find that the 'hack' machine had been cut open with a gas torch. Attached was a note saying 'I don't expect a bonus for this.' That was the early '60s. Imagine the shit he'd have to put up with these days.

  5. In the 90s, we had a guy who lost his job because he was stealing from the coke machine.
    He was the only one with the key, and he couldn't have gotten more than a couple of bucks.
    Helluvaway to lose your job.
    Stupid fucker.


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