Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Simple Cowboy Breakfast

VIDEO HERE (15:09 minutes)


With me waking up at 4am or earlier most of my working life, I never took the time to make breakfast until just a few years ago, but now it's an every morning thing.
I'll fry up a third of a pound of sausage with 3 eggs over easy on top of that in a bowl, topped off with some Mrs Renfroe's hot chow chow, a diced pickled jalapeno and 4-5 splashes of  habanero sauce. It's not as spicy as it sounds as the eggs kill the heat from the pepper and sauce, leaving the flavors. It does still have a bit of a bite, though.
Lisa doesn't eat breakfast very often but when she does, she gets a breakfast like the one Dwayne prepared. She doesn't like anything with even a hint of heat to it.


  1. I hate seeing kitchen benches covered with stuff - guaranteed that bench ain't clean. And the minute he starts frying in that skillet, them utensils on top of the stove all become greasy and filthy. I've worked as a cook - I know how hard it is to clean a kitchen.

  2. Breakfast is a must for me, habit or what. Once it was carb heavy but those were bad habits I dropped in favor of keto-esque for the past few years. Far better off for it. Me and Wirecutter share a style of goodness in that respect.

  3. I had mentioned the splash of water and cover when cooking fried eggs. I learned that from the Kent Rollins. Ya do that after the eggs have cooked a spell and are crisp on the edges. I too just started eating breakfast in the last few years. Something I found out on my own was when ya crack an egg into the pan don't salt it right away. If ya let it be the white really, puffs up, for lack of a better description. Once it puffs and before it completley cooks then I add the salt and pepper. I used to add salt an pepper immediatly and ya get flat whites.

  4. I alternate 3 basic breakfast meals. I have oatmeal with bacon 3 times a week. The other days I have bacon over easy eggs and cheesy grits or hash browns with onions. The third is peanut buttered waffles and sausage. I will throw in thin bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese ever so often.

    I dice in Vidalia onions in my eggs and hash browns. I live in Tattnall county Georgia. We produce 50% of the Vidalia onion crop which is 20% of all onion production in the nation.

  5. My breakfasts are cooked in our office before work starts, using a microwave to do the heating. Chunked microwaved potato, half a stick of jerky cut up, all slathered with hot sauce. Wait about 5 minutes to soak up, then add one egg and stir to get it all coated. Microwave that for 1:40. Eat with a single tortilla with slice of cheese cut into three pieces. Microwave the tortilla 20 seconds, than add a good quantity into tortilla for single taco. The remaiing egg mix I eat out of the mug, then eat taco.

    I'm trying to keep my weight in check so is why the single tortilla. I eat this around 6:00 am, waiting until noon for my lunch.

  6. My breakfast starts with 3 farm fresh eggs (from our own free range hens) mixed with pan sausage and diced onions and some fried potatoes. Then comes some fruit and maybe some bread. A couple of times a year, we go with Belgian waffles topped with fruit and fresh whipped cream.

  7. He stirs his scrambled eggs very quickly with his silicone spatula, so there are little chunks of egg.
    Try stirring your eggs real slowly with a metal spoon instead.
    You get a completely different creamier consistency that I prefer.

  8. That skillet has a really nice cure.

  9. I fry the sausage patties and put 'em on the plate. Then wipe the skillet, leaving a little sausage fat. Scramble the eggs, add some Parmesan cheese and a dash of lemon pepper.
    Meanwhile, I'm toasting an English muffler or maybe a bagel.


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