Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Tennessee House passes bill expanding 'Duty to Warn' to all healthcare providers

Tennessee continues in its ongoing efforts to pass mental health reform laws.

This week the full state House passed a bill that expands the Tennessee 'Duty to Warn' law.

Right now, mental health professionals are required to sound the alarm if they have a patient who is a threat, specifically if they have made threatening statements. This amendment expands that to all healthcare professionals.


  1. Red flag laws are used to help identify candidates for MK-ULTRA

    1. They already had that through HIPPA.

  2. A bill created for lawyers: "something happened and who can we put the blame on and sue".

    Not to be used of course when illegals murder someone. Can't blame Joe and his minions and his boss.

  3. If they even look like they would pull that crap, file sexual assault charges on them.

  4. Sounds like it's creeping towards being a Red Flag/ERPO law...Too easy for people to abuse and f*** people out of lawful firearms ownership.

  5. Sounds like if you dig deep enough, a good lawyer can probably find some HIPAA violations in that bill.

  6. Who watches the watchers?

  7. Dumb law. When my wife was pregnant with our first child, the hospital royally screwed up everything. Misplaced epidural, forced her to stay in bed instead of being in a more "natural" position for birth, then decided she needed an emergency c-section so the doctor could get to his golf game...and then they billed us ~$32k for their fuckups.

    My wife *hates* hospitals and doctors because of this. So for our second child, she decided to have the kid at home. She still went to a few check-ups to make sure everything was ok...but the absolute bitch of a doctor kept lying to her. The doctor kept intentionally measuring wrong and telling my wife the baby would be close to 15 pounds, that she would "rupture" and die, etc... Finally a week before her due date, she had her last checkup this stupid cunt flat-out told us "You *will* have this baby in the hospital, even if we have to send the ambulance and cops to get you".

    I would have been red-flagged that day. I got right up in her face and backed her up against a wall and said "Taking my wife against her will would be a *very* bad idea. I guarantee you, anyone stupid enough to step through my doorway to try and take her will die", and we walked out.

    Anyways, my daughter was born a few days later, at home with no complications.

    We took her in for a check-up, and all the staff clustered around cooing at the baby.

    One of them said "Wow...she's so old is she?". I looked at my watch and said "About 70 minutes old".

    At that moment, the cunt of a doctor walked out into the waiting room, noticed us, and came over. She held the baby, cried, and apologized profusely to us.

    We ended up having 4 kids at home in total. Instead of a ~$32k hospital bill per kid, we spent about $200 on supplies that covered all four births. My wife was happier, my kids are all healthy, none of them were forced to get any odd vaccinations (why would my newborn daughter need a shot for hepatitis?!?), and none of them were tracked by government.

    Fuck Medical tyrants.

    1. You made my day, anon!


    2. Glad I could Tom762. Doctors sure have a place in society. If I break my leg, I *want* a competent surgeon / doctor to fix me up as best he can--and there are certainly instances in childbirth where you want a doctor...but it's generally not necessary.

      It doesn't matter if you believe we crawled out of a puddle of goo, or if we were placed here divinely. Humanity wouldn't have survived if childbirth was so damned dangerous.

  8. Awhile back my mother was getting nowhere in trying to schedule an appointment for pain management. Referral from her MD, I might add.

    So I stepped in. I was patient, cordial to the Nth, light hearted but firm.
    I was successful in booking the appointment. Mother heard both sides of that conversation. When it was ended, she said I was one smooth talker, dripping with honey.

    A few days later, mom was notified by her Dr that I was NOT to come near pain managementt offices nor Dr's office. In fact, if it weren't that mother had been a patient with that Dr for decades, Dr would have dropped mom as a patient.

    The cause? Because in a phone conversation I had said, I'll see you soon. 'You can recognize me because I'll be with my mother.'
    In the context of the telephone conversation, it was a light hearted joke. I laughed, they laughed.

    Somehow it got interpreted as a threat.
    If this law was in effect, would I have been arrested? Or mom refused treatment?


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