Friday, February 23, 2024

There's suddenly a shortage of cousins in Kentucky?

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A new study shows singles in Kentucky have lesser odds of finding a romantic partner compared to most states. 

Online financial resource WalletHub released rankings of the best and worst states for singles, and Kentucky is ranked 46.


  1. True story. We have to drive 15 miles into Kentucky to get to the closest Wal Mart or any kind of fast food. Got to drive 35 miles to get to any kind of "Fine Dining" or a mall. I like it, but if I was a young man looking for a girlfriend, I'd have to go. Eod1sg Ret

  2. One of the stories in Most Read is about a wife murdering her husband, could these be related ?

  3. The 5 top states are all the states with the largest concentrations of "Refugees".

  4. They had the same problem in Ireland before they imported sheep.

  5. Recent genetic study shows that the amount of incest and inbreeding in Appalachia is the same as the rest of the country. So suck on that, you Delaware dads showering with your daughters.

    1. I lived in New Jersey for a couple of years. One of my co-workers used to jokingly call me an inbred hillbilly, since I’m from East Tennessee. After some questioning, it turns out her maternal grandparents were first cousins from the same small village in Sicily. How do you say hillbilly in Italian?


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