Friday, February 23, 2024

They forgot to say "He was on our radar"

CHICAGO — On the list of unexpected crimes, this one certainly ranks highly: Federal prosecutors have charged a man with burglarizing the FBI’s Chicago field office headquarters on the Near West Side.

Incredibly, officials say Antonio Hammond managed to breach the compound’s security perimeter twice in a matter of hours.


  1. A $14,182 door that a dude can just randomly walk up to and yank open? Seems like you should be able to get a better security door for that kind of funding.

    1. That's not the whole door, just the lock. It's probably remote controllable, has unique key codes for everyone who works in the building, and logs who goes in and out. With all those specs to follow, they forgot about not being breakable by a mental patient yanking on it!

  2. They find pelosi's laptop?

  3. Confidential informants can do that.

  4. Sounds like the F.I.B. has contracted out their security to Diversity, Inc.

    From the grainy surveillance shot, I thought at first glance that Antonio Hammond was wearing a mask. Nope, just his big-ass lips. I get far better resolution with my $50 doorbell cam.


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