Friday, February 23, 2024

'Those' neighbors

Residents in Baldwin Village are being terrorized by a man they say is constantly yelling obscenities and throwing objects out the window.

Neighbors at the apartment complex said they feel helpless as police have not yet arrested the man. They’re hoping something will be done soon before anyone gets hurt.

One woman said she was so worried for her children’s safety that they’ve temporarily moved out and are staying with relatives. 

One video captured the man blasting music at a high volume while tossing what appears to be a large wood plank or piece of drywall out of his third-story apartment window. 

The man is then heard yelling loudly out the window to nobody in particular, “What the f***?!”


  1. yelling loudly out the window to nobody in particular
    I resemble that remark.

  2. Before I read past the headline I thought it was "The Villages" in Florida

  3. Pellet gun meet eyeball.
    Til you want to get serious

  4. Sounds like me, except it's Trigonometry and a bad professor that are driving me mad.

    - Arc


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