Friday, February 23, 2024

VDH Commentary: Blue Laws for Red Citizens

One state prosecutor and one civilian plaintiff have already won huge fines and damages from Donald Trump that may, with legal costs, exceed $500 million.

Trump awaits further civil and criminal liability in three other federal, state, and local indictments.

There are eerie commonalities in all these five court cases involving plaintiff E. Jean Carroll, Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg, New York Attorney General Letitia James, federal special counsel Jack Smith, and Fulton County district attorney Fani Willis.

One, they are either unapologetically left-wing or associated with liberal causes. They filed their legal writs in big-city, left-wing America—Atlanta, New York, Washington—where liberal judges and jury pools predominate in a manner not characteristic of the country at large.


  1. In the E. Jean Carrol case, how is it that the jury believed that Donald Trump walked into Bergdorf Goodman in Manhattan, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY, found Carrol in a dressing room, raped her, walked out of the store and Carrol said nothing to anyone in the store at the time or cried out during the alleged act or called the police afterwards, but suddenly remembered the rape after NY state law was changed to allow prosecutions after the old statute of limitations had run on old cases?

    ...and why didn't Trump's supposed crackerjack lawyer use this exact argument in her closing before the jury? This should have been a slam dunk acquittal, even in NYC.

    Carrol is clearly another left wing loon cut from the same bolt of cloth as Christine Blasey Ford and Anita Hill, not to mention the fix is in in the NYC and NY State justus system.

    Now, Hochul is shitting her pants because a whole bunch of businesses in NYC and NYS have phoned her asking if they're next and intimating that they're contemplating leaving with their tax dollars. They just drove a stake through the heart of entire business community in that state. I hope these effg people starve.


    1. Because the judge disallowed any defense or proof that EJC was batshit crazy and has accused basically a quarter of the male population of the USA of sexual assault.

      The judge disallowed her own emails that said she did this out of spite and hatred and not out of truth. The emails that had her 'teaching other women' how to get one up over the evil men.

      Same thing with the 'real estate fraud.' The judge disallowed pretty much any testimony or evidence in favor of Trump.

    2. Anyone still doing business in NY is exposed to an insane level of regulatory and legal risk, not based upon fact but by the Hochul regime's whim. Every Kulak should depart post haste.

  2. The Justice & Judicial systems have gone the same way and the higher education system We've enter Orwell's world where bad is good and good is bad, lies are truth and the truth is lies, but most importantly Unfair is fair and fair is unfair. I'm a solid Trump fan, but I'm also a realist. It happened once in 2016 to the surprise and chagrin of the Globalists and Billionaires. They ain’t gonna let Trump upset them again and ALL options are on the table.

  3. Most of the cases they dont even care if they win. They just want to hassle Trump. Make him cash out to appeal. If he wins the appeal or goes to supreme court, the damage was already done and taking up his time. Same with the classified document one. Govt has infinite taxpayer money to prosecute.

  4. The process IS the punishment


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