Friday, March 01, 2024

Death of a Nation, Birth of Another

Let me be completely frank, there is a test of wills being played out. It doesn’t matter your feelings about Russia, or Ukraine. Israel or Gaza, there is only one issue of any importance to Americans and that’s the border. Who we support, who we dislike is being leveraged against us. They want the Ukraine funding bill more now than ever and will any tactic to get that money 1) is that it will fund their corruption, the NGOs that are forming caravans of illegals; 2) it will demoralize the America First crowd. For me, it’s simple, no border enforcement, detain and deport or no funding, for anything especially other people’s borders. Ukraine is what happens when a whole military wants to cross your borders. America is what happens when special operators want to cross your borders.


  1. That's just a patch. Who cares about restricting the movement of free human beings (when some of them might be bad) if you abolish the ATF, stop allowing government to steal money from you through the IRS to redistribute to them, stop government from screwing with healthcare and insurance to additionally fund them, stop allowing government to put your kids in public education camps, and stop allowing government to bill you for your property or traveling in your car?

    Abolish 90% of the government and it doesn't matter who comes into this country. If they try to harm you or your family, shoot them. If they try to squat on your property, make them leave through increasing levels of force. If they decide to group up and take up arms against people, call up the militia and start putting them down.

    Allowing the government to take even more money out of your wallet by force to arm the border isn't the solution. Eventually the guns will be turned inward and we will all become prisoners. The solution is to stop government from deciding what we're allowed to do to defend ourselves and how much money they get to steal from us to redistribute to others.

    1. 110% true.
      The PROBLEM is too much government.
      The solution is not more of what's causing the problem.


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